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Tropical Jungle House Number Small Square

The Lush Tropical Jungle print is a line drawn and water colour rendition of tropical banana leaves and palms. Sumptuous deep greens surround the encircled number both in the background and forefront to give an intriguing depth. As if your house number emerges from the Borneo rainforest, we are transported to a warm humid world which is your own slice of heaven. 

Supplied with professional Ultra High Bond external sign mounting tape pre-applied. All you need to do is peel the backing off and stick where you want it. This is one of the easiest home improvements you can do and only takes 10 seconds.

We use professional sign mounting tape that is used by all the leading sign companies in the world. It is very sticky and weatherproof, however, it's only as strong as whatever you stick it to. For example, if you have bricks that are very dusty, the sign will stick to the dust and fall off. Likewise, if you have old paint, it will peel the paint off. Please make sure your surface is fully sealed and suitable for sticking to.

The best surfaces are plastics, followed by sealed/varnished wood. If in any doubt, please add the button fixes or choose a 3D sign.

Size: 120mm tall x 120mm wide - Perfect for any where you want to draw attention to your house number and make a bold statement.